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Hi today we are going to show you a video on how to change a tap washer.

We need to turn the water off at the council water meter, usually located out the front.  Lift the lid off and clean out any dirt etc that may be covering the stop tap.  Using a pair of multi grips to turn the tap off.

Back at the leaking tap, you will need to drain the water out before starting, by turning the tap on and waiting for the excess water to drain.  Leave the tap open, by doing this you will prevent the new washer from being crushed, then unscrew the tap body.  Check the fibre washer condition, if this needs replacing then do so.  Also check the "o" ring at the tap body, if this needs replacing then do so.Then simply take out the old & worn out tap washer & replace it with a new good tap washer. Once this has been inserted back into the tap body you can then gently re-install the tap body with the new tap washer. 

Now turn the tap off & go out to the front of the property where you previously turned off the council water meter & turn it back on. Once the water is on quickly go back inside to check the leaking tap is fixed.

Another job well done by Blackjade Plumbing!

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