Hot Water Heaters

Argh! No hot water? Rusty water at the tap? Hot water system blown the seals?

Your hot water heating experts at BLACKJADE PLUMBING know that a burst hot water system is sometimes the last thing you expect, & can more often than not be a costly expense.

We can give you advise on the best location for maximum hot water efficiency & life span on your hot water heater. Once you start to delve into the hot water heater world you will find there is a whole range of different sizes ranging from very big to small hot water heaters, different brands & warranties. We can give you expert advise on which option is best for you taking into consideration things like your budget & the size of your family.

For your information we also offer a sceduled maintenance service, where we will check over your hot water heater every 12 months for element & thermostat failure, replace the sacrifical anode & test the existing valves at your hot water heater to confirm that your hot water heater is performing at its maximum efficiency rate.This will give you peace of mind knowing that the plumbers at BLACKJADE PLUMBING are on the job keeping everything under controll.

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