Burst Water Main

A burst water main is a very common occurrence here on the Gold Coast, as our plumbers attend to these types of problems at least twice a week.

Unfortunately these types of plumbing problems inconvenience & frustrate our clients at the best of times. Fortunately for our clients we have set procedures to minimise the damage & expence on the hip pocket.

Leaking water mains, taps & other fixtures like toilets, vanity basins & baths etc waste alot of water which will eventually cause a high water bill. Did you know a tap that drips approximately every second can waste up to 33 litres in a single day?

Here is a couple of things we advise our clients to do to confirm they have a leak.

If on the other hand you can visually see no evidence of the numbers & dials on the council water meter moving then you are in luck because it is a false alarm!

Further ways to reduce $$$

Once the burst water main has been fixed, we do a detailed report for our clients indicating exactly what has happened.

By doing this our clients can send the report off to the Gold Coast City Council so they can get a rebate on their next water bill.
We just love saving our clients money, thats why they’re always so happy to see us.

Here is the link to the Gold Coast City Council water & sewer relief application form. http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/documents/fa/leakage-relief-application.pdf All you will need to do now, is fill it out & send it to the Gold Coast City Council.

If you live in the Gold Coast area & need your leaking plumbing fixed then please give us a call on 0421 667 087 alternatively you can fill out our online enquiry form or just drop us an email at info@blackjadeplumbing.  We will be happy to help!

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