Queensland Storm Season Tips

If you have a property with lots of trees, a rental property or a property older than 10 years then you are at high risk of pipe blockages and it would be a smart idea to call in a professional plumber with all the latest & best equipment to clear out your underground pipes. By clearing out sticks, leaves, other debrie or tree roots from your drainpipes you can be sure that by the time this storm season hits your pipes will be ready for anything our unpredictable weather can throw at it, and potentially prevent a flooding disaster, inside or outside your home!!  While our expert licensed plumber from Blackjade Plumbing is there, it is the perfect opportunity to get those gutters cleared and ready to whisk that water away and down those freshly cleaned pipes all in the one visit!  Here at Blackjade Plumbing we offer our clients a great package deal which is far more cost effective so why not put us to good use and get us to clean your gutters, driveways and anything else you may need cleaned up!

This is our specialty so give us a call!

Please check our video to see how good we are at clearing peoples drains. 

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